We, at Fido Fitness, truly believe that a tired dog is a good dog. Let us show you the many ways we can help you believe the same.


Monday through Friday, no weekend day care or overnight boarding is available.

Drop-off recommended between 7:00-9:00am; Pick-up by 6:00pm

Drop-offs and Pick-ups can be scheduled at any time during our normal business hours.

$1 will be charged extra for every minute after the 6pm pickup.


First day of daycare is $15/dog for an evaluation.

$20/dog – (a savings of 10% for each additional dog in the same family; 2 dogs for $36 and 3 dogs for $54)

$12/dog — 4 hours or less of daycare

Package Deals* (no expiration date!)
10 visit pass = $180; 20 visit pass = $350
*If you have multiple dogs, each dog will count as one visit. So, if you have 2 dogs on one package, a 10 visit pass would last 5 days for each dog.

We reserve the right to change rates, as necessary, with at least one month’s notice.


Reservations are strongly recommended. Please call ahead. Space is limited.

We do not accept walk-in clients.

We are no longer accepting new clients., but will collect applications for a waitlist. Please complete an application. See “How to Apply” below for our application.


We welcome all dogs, regardless of breed, 4 months or older.

Dogs under 9 months old are not required to be spayed or neutered. Intact male dogs over 9 months old at their first visit, will need to be neutered before attending. Intact dogs under 9 months old may remain intact up until any point at which their behavior (mounting, marking, hyper-fixation, aggression, etc) becomes an issue. Dogs asked to leave, can ask to return after they’ve been neutered.

Intact female dogs determined to be in heat, will need to stay home during the course of their cycle (approximately 1 month). In addition, we request that females be bathed prior to their return to daycare.


We strongly suggest printing off the following application, completing it, and then mailing, faxing, or emailing it to us in advance of your dog’s first visit. We will contact you with any questions. You may also stop by and pick up an application in person.

Enrollment Application & Waiver and Health Certification

In addition, we will need a copy of your dog’s vaccine records (Rabies, Distemper, and Parvo) faxed or emailed to us. Contact your veterinarian. Most local vets are used to this request and will fax what we need upon request.


We welcome tours at any time during regular business hours, though we might ask your patience if we are in the middle of drop-offs or pick-ups.

Due to safety concerns, please leave your dog at home while you come take a tour.


We stock a pet care emergency first aid kit on site in case of accidents. Our owners are certified through Pet Emergency Education.Emergency Veterinarian Services of Roanoke
(540) 563-8575; 4902 Frontage Road


To keep up-to-date with our Flyball team, Heads or Tails, upcoming practices, local tournaments, and when we’ll be holding beginner seminars or classes, please follow our Facebook page.

Our website is currently under construction.


Flyball is one of the world’s fastest growing dog sports. It combines basic obedience skills with the athleticism of agility, the fun of playing fetch in the backyard, and the thrill of drag racing.


Dogs must be at least 9 months old, up-to-date on shots (bring rabies records), and healthy (aka fit for a sport in which speed, flexibility, strength, and endurance are key!). Should know basic commands: sit, stay, come. An aptitude for playing with balls and fetch is good, but not necessary.

Additionally, owners must be able to run, scream, control their dog when excited, and love being part of a team… competitive spirit is welcome!

This is a travel sport, so you must be willing and able to travel at least one weekend a month, about 6 months of the year.



Barn Hunting is a new dog sport – a cross between Nosework and Earthdog trials. Barn Hunting is based on the traditional roles of many breeds in ridding farms, barns, crop storage areas, and homes of destructive vermin. While some breeds were specifically created to fill this role, this new sport is open to any dog of any breed or mix who wishes to play the game and can fit through an 18″ wide by bale-height tall tunnel.


20-25 minute session – $20

Meet-n-greets with a rat. Your dog will be introduced to the rats, both in and outside of the tubes. Practice course runs. Private lessons designed specifically for you. Offered one Saturday a month. Pre-registration is required: See our “Event” page on Facebook.


10 minute practice session – $10

Train on practice courses. Instruction available. Pre-registration is required: See our “Event” page on Facebook.


The rats we use are our pets – they live in the house with us and our dogs and they each have a name. Older rats are retired and taken care of until they pass. The safety of the rats are our upmost concern while training and competing in this sport.


Our play-yard is fully covered with interlocking rubber tiles over concrete for your dog’s health and safety; over 2,000 sq. ft.; handicapped accessible; two garage doors open to outside potty area with pea gravel and landscape rocks.

Our “barn” is a 20×30 ft. concrete floor covered with non-slip matting; no heat or air conditioning, but insulated; 6′ fencing on two sides. We use this space for our barn hunting lessons.


Contact us for rental spaces and prices. A 15 minute grace period is included in hourly rentals for set-up and tear-down.

All rentals require a minimal deposit ($75) to reserve the space and date(s). You are responsible for cleaning up after your event and getting waivers (see us for a form to use) signed from all participants.


Yes and no. We will post flyers at our building and post reminders and information through our Facebook page, but we will not handle class reservations or signing up / exchanges of money.