Day Care

Specializing in small play-groups of like-minded dogs, we offer supervised daycare with trained and experienced staff. Your dog's health and safety goes hand-in-hand with their fun.


Having exhausted obedience and basic manners training and looking for something more... Check out our canine "college-level" courses for your smart cookie!


Looking for somewhere to hold your canine seminar or training classes? We offer great rates for daily and weekly classes. (Positive Training methods and trainers only!)


We love dogs.

We, at Fido Fitness, truly believe that a tired dog is a good dog. Let us show you the many ways we can help you believe the same.

We also love helping out local shelters and humane societies with the great work they do. So, we are going to encourage each of our fans and clients to download the Walk For A Dog app. It is free. Join us in helping our communities support dog shelters, humane societies, and rescues. (No dog necessary, you can use on plain-old, boring walks as well.)


We let the dogs chose how and where they want to play: indoor (with rubber matting floors for comfort and safety) or outdoor (with pea gravel for drainage and easy sanitation) - they can come and go as it suits them.

We use large landscape stone in our outdoor yard for a different, all natural play environment - a favorite hang out and hide out for all the dogs!

We rotate dogs into select play groups of about 6-8 dogs throughout the day - no mandatory "nap time" in the middle of the day. After running, wrestling, and getting loved on, each dog returns to their own space for rest before coming out again, raring to go.

We provide air-conditioned and heated resting spaces.

We can tailor your dog's stay with us to meet their unique needs, wants, and desires.

Our clients love what we offer and know their dogs get the best the Valley has to offer at Fido Fitness!