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Our Approach

We believe dogs need structure in their daily lives - they need to know what to expect and what is appropriate. We believe in teaching dogs structure in their day-to-day interactions with each other and people, keeping lessons clear and positive.

Both owners are well-known in the Roanoke Valley and frequently showcase their abilities at local events (including Woofstock, Pet Ex, Dogtoberfest, and the Roanoke Go Fest). Come out and see us in action!

Fido Fitness is 100% locally-owned!

Meet the Owners

We compete in Flyball, Agility, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, and Coursing.
We have trained in Nosework, Tracking, and Wag-It Games, though we haven't yet competed.


Eric Berg


Eric has worked in the pet service industry since 2008. He had a part ownership of Flying Fur in Newport, VA. After leaving that business, he became manager of Field of Dreams Doggy Day School in Vinton, VA. He has been a member of APDT and attended their annual conference. In 2009 he won the Sprint Award in recognition of his bond with Matt, his first dog. He loves working with clients and their dogs helping to build a lifelong bond, and especially teaching troubled dogs how to get along.


Laura (Green) Berg


Laura has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal and Poultry Sciences from Virginia Tech. She worked for four years during college with Gandalf Kennels, a boarding facility, in Christiansburg, VA. She has been a member of the North American Flyball Association since 2003, a Flyball trainer since 2005, and a club owner since 2008. She has worked for the Friendly Pet Sitter, serving the Roanoke Valley area as a pet sitter and dog walker for eight years. She adores teaching all dogs, old and young, new tricks and fun behaviors.